Our Nubians are registered ADGA and AGS.  Nigerians are now registered AGS and NDGA, but should be able to be registered with ADGA sometime in the next couple of years. 

We are now signed up with PayPal to receive payments online.  Our PayPal account is under [email protected]

International Sales

We have completed our first shipment of a QSF baby internationally!   

We do welcome inquiries, in regards to both goat and semen shipment, from outside of the U.S. 

General Sales Policy

Important prepurchase information:   Shipping state to state by air is costly!  With health certificates, lab work and air carrier fees the cost per animal is usually close to double.  Most customers who purchase from us already know the costs involved and aren’t surprised.  However, if you are new to shipping goats by air, below is a list of airlines we use which ship out of Spokane, WA.  Before considering purchase of a QSF animal please do call the airline(s) of your choice and get an estimate of charges.  Usual weight of adult Nigerian does is 70 to 100 lbs, bucks 100 to 150, juniors vary between 15 lb bottle babies to late juniors of 50 lbs.  We usually ship in a 400 kennel for adults, 300 for juniors.  Kennels with bedding usually weigh about 22 lbs we’ve found.  Two Nigerian bottle babies can be shipped together to save on transport costs.  We can only air ship Nubian babies, not the adults, of course.  If desired, you can usually pick up your animal COD at the airport. 

Please be considerate of our time as we can be quite often dealing with multiple customers at once, spending hours on the phone making vetting and shipping arrangements.  Nothing is as frustrating as spending half a day on the phone getting prices for a new customer, only to have them back out of considering a purchase because they had no idea shipping costs were so high. 

Delta Pet Desk 1 888 736 3738 (we usually use Delta)

Alaska Air Cargo 1 800 225 2752 (usually only ships here in Northwest, but they do have a limited flight schedule to the east)

Continental 1 800 421 2456

Northwest Cargo 1 800 692 2746

$100.00 deposit will hold the goat of your choice while shipping arrangements are being made.  A $50.00 deposit will secure reservations on the future breeding of your choice.  Deposits are non-refundable, but are transferable to other available animals or upcoming breedings.  Once we notify you of a kid on the ground, you’ll have one week to make a purchase decision and to pay for the baby in full.  Animals not shipped within 30 days (unless it’s a bottle baby due to be shipped closer to weaning time) are subject to daily boarding fees ($1.50), unless prior arrangements are made with us.  Health checks, certificates and shipping fees are the responsibility of the buyer and must be paid in full prior to shipment. You may ship us your kennel, or we will be happy to purchase a kennel for you, at your cost.   We will ship two Nigerian babies in a carrier, but will not ship a single young bottle baby alone.  We’d rather wean here and then ship after nine weeks of age, so as not to doubly stress a baby.  Another option is to check with us and possibly we might have a Nigerian wether available of the same age to ship with your baby.  One Nubian baby per carrier only, the closer to weaning age the better if they are being air shipped.

We ship out of Spokane International Airport and we do not charge extra for making a trip to the airport with a goat you’ve purchased from us.  Our goats are not just a ‘hobby’ for our family, they’re our full time enterprise and running to the vet or the airport doesn’t take time away from our ‘regular work’!

Due to our vet certified herd status, we cannot accept an animal back into our herd once it leaves our premises.  We will always try to satisfy our customers if it is within our power, although we cannot of course guarantee that any given animal is going to be show quality.  No breeder can guarantee that.

Personally we’d rather have a few satisfied dairy goat enthusiasts singing our praises than people feeling that we’ve short-changed them, so… all normal guarantees apply. If, by letter from your vet, a QSF animal comes up with a genetic disqualifying fault, you can bet you’ll quickly be choosing an animal of equal value from available stock or a future breeding!  (i.e. QSF animal is an animal bred and born on our property, not one that we purchased.)  You’ll  be required to pay for vetting, a kennel and air shipment, if necessary, on a replacement animal.  Yes, Nigerians are miniature animals, but they do sometimes go over in height.  We give no height guarantee.  Heights are posted on each animal (if you don’t see a height it’s because we haven’t had time recently to measure and will get to it when we body clip).  Unfortunately, we feel that some of the most consistent Nigerians in the breed are on the ‘tall side’… When you’re aiming for that long, flat boned, elegant ‘dairy’ nigerian some of your bucks are going to go over in height occasionally.  We’ve personally never had a doe go over in height by AGS standards.  Of course, height is a totally different subject with regards to the Nubians, as current show ring standards do seem to swing towards the taller Nubians.  We have started out with some good sized Nubians who should certainly have that show ring presence we’d all like to see in our superior larger dairy breeds.


We haven’t purchased a dairy goat yet that was totally fault free, nor do we own a goat that is fault free.  Please do question us, we want you to be happy!   Also remember, the Nigerian is a young breed, much too young to have all the faults bred out.   Even with the more consistent Nubians though, no breeder can give a guarantee that a kid is going to be ‘show quality’ versus ‘brood quality’, including us.  We are all responsible to share as much information as we can as to the faults of an individual animal before purchase.  If you are new to breeding goats, you’ll find that your own tastes change over the years also and some faults begin to bother you more than others.  Sometimes you purchase the best genetics you can get your hands on, only to find out you’ve ended up with a brood quality animal.  But, that animal is still carrying nice genetics and when bred later, we’ve quite often found very positive results in the kids!  If you are new to purchasing pure bred goats also remember that you aren’t necessarily purchasing a superior animal by just paying a higher price.  We’ve found that out personally the hard way.  Do your research first!

We include five generation pedigrees on every animal purchased.  We keep detailed breeding and medical records on all of our goats, starting the day they are born, or the date they were purchased by QSF.  These original records are given to the new owners.

We will not be responsible for stress related illness or death incurred after (or due to) shipment.  You trust us to ship a healthy animal, we trust that you will care for it properly at your facility and seek immediate medical care if indeed it shows symptoms of stress.  We have shipped by air, personal truck and trailer and national ‘horse hauler’ (adults and babies) multiple times out of Texas, New York, Virginia, British Columbia and Alabama, and haven’t experienced any problems.  We have not personally lost an animal due to a stress related illness.

We’ve personally air shipped and/or sent our goats to Alaska, North Carolina, Utah, Nevada, California, Washington, Oregon, Massachusetts, Texas and British Columbia without any problems.

We cannot be responsible if a bred doe miscarries after she is sold, due to the fact that we cannot oversee her care during the remainder of her pregnancy.  Sometimes just the stress of relocation will cause miscarriage unfortunately.  We have not personally had a doe that was definitely bred ever miscarry.

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