We’ll add five generation pedigrees, along with updated photos as soon as it’s warm enough to body clip mid to late June.



SIRE: PIDDLIN ACRES CAJUN MUSIC (MCH Twin Creeks BH Bay Watch * S ‘E’ X MCH Doe ‘C’ Doe ‘E’)  DAM:  QSF PH KITTY HAWK (Twin Creeks MF Prairie Hawk *S X Tupence Kaleidoscope)

12-12-03 White 

Photo at two days of age.  Squall carries the exceptional mix of genetics we’ve been working towards and we’ve used him in the breeding pen this past spring.  He’s already showing the conformational correctness we’ve come to expect with our Cajun Music kids and he’s staying very small.  He’s very square, long, level and uphill. Tight withers and exceptional shoulder blending.  Nice high, open escutcheon area that we demand in our bucks. Tight toes and strong pasterns.  Very correct rear leg angulation.   We’ll get a new photo up as soon as it’s warm enough to clip and add his extended pedigree.  We’ll measure him at that time and then again when he matures, but he’s like the other Cajun Music kids we’ve had here, very correct, but shorter in stature than our other sire lines.


SIRE: PROMISEDLAND CP ARIES (MCH Caeser’s Villa Cowpoke +*S ‘E’ X Hayseed Farm’s LD Mayzee *D)  DAM: QSF SG STARLIGHT (Piddlin Acres PS Spanish Galleon *S X QSF Impressive Trinket)

2-12-04  Tricolor spotted

Another very correct, colorful Aries son out of one of our own young does who has surprised us with a beautiful, correct first freshening udder and some conformational strengths that we hadn’t seen in her dam line (of course we should have expected a MCH Perfect Storm son to provide some improvement…!)  We’ll get a photo up as soon as it’s warm enough to clip, along with his nice five generation pedigree.  He’s certainly got the genetics to fit our linebreeding program. 


.  Watch for our new line-bred Smooth Operator buckling to be added here soon!  Photo as soon as he gets here and it’s warm enough to clip.  Thanks isn’t enough Beverly!


SIRE:  +*B KASTDEMUR’S CROWN CLIMAXX (++*B Brown Sugar’s Crown Ambassador EX90 X Kastdemur’s MPR Infatuation)  DAM:  GCH CAPREA FARMSTEAD FINAL SEARCH 4*M  (GCH *B Caprea Farmstead Maximum Quest EX90 EEE X Caprea Farmstead Final Epicode 3*M VG89 VEEV)


Special thanks to Caprea Farmstead for selling Escalate to us!  We’ll get him shipped home as soon as we get back from Texas and get another photo up at that time.  He’s the exact bloodlines we were looking for and we can’t wait to see him in person!  God is so good!  Be sure to visit Caprea Farmstead’s website if you’re interested in nicely bred Nubians from a clean herd.  Photo courtesy of Caprea Farmstead.


SIRE:  D&M’S ROYAL S BONK (Cream of Kansas’ B Beargivings X Cream of Kansas’ Shane)  DAM:  CREAM OF KANSAS’ BEARGIVINGS (++*B Kastdemur’s Top Brass X Cream of Kansas’ Bearable) 

5-21-04  Solid black with some white

We used Bear’s son, Bonk, in our desire to lock in some of the wonderful characteristics of this old herd matron and we are so pleased with the resultant twins, one doe and one buck.  We’ll get a ‘show pose’ of this little guy later on when we clip for the summer, but this guy is very correct and hopefully will follow in the footsteps of his two year old brother who’s currently doing very well in some tough Texas show ring competition.  Although younger, he and his sister are towering over our other Nubian kids at this time!  Photo taken at ten days of age.