We are slowly getting everyone clipped and updated photos online.  We’ll get the does measured once the photos are up and add extended pedigrees at that time.



SIRE: MCH GOODWOOD MR. MOONLIGHT (Goodwood Alamo Messenger +S X Goodwood Zany Lou Lou)  DAM: INAVALE KELSEY (Brush Creek Rob Roy X Brush Creek Batchelor Button) 

05-02-1995 Chocolate buckskin with white.  20″  Kale ‘E’ rated in Canada.  RsCH senior doe in Canada X1.

The first photo is a dry photo.  The rear view is at three weeks into her lactation.  Kale is a very deep bodied doe with good spring of rib, nice width in the rear end, nice brisket floor and beautifully tight withers with a nice blending of the shoulders.  If we could change anything, we’d like to see an increase in milk production, but for a foundation doe she has a wonderfully attached udder and perfectly placed teats so we can’t complain.  She has just been the most solid brood doe for beginning our herd that we could imagine!  She’s definitely herd queen here at QSF, even ruling over bucks should they enter her pen and not mind their manners!  Kale passes on her exceptional, kind personality to her kids.  Mammary is well attached with well placed, well delineated teats, beautiful foreudder extension and very pretty medial ligament.  Her udder is soft and pliable and collapses very nicely.  Kale has pretty much crossed out well on every buck we’ve tried in the two years we’ve owned her.   She’s held up so nicely for her age, we just couldn’t be more pleased with this doe and our prayers are that she will continue to provide us with fine babies to retain for years to come.  Kale didn’t conceive during her last exposure to Prairie Hawk, but we’ll forgive her at her age!  She’s been exposed to Aries for summer kidding.  A doeling and  a buckling will be retained.


SIRE: TWIN CREEKS MF PRAIRIE HAWK *S  (Goodwood Maltese Falcon *S X MCH/PGCH Raha Acres Twink’s Pixie *D E)  DAM: TUPENCE KALEIDOSCOPE (MCH Goodwood Mr. Moonlight X Inavale Kelsey)

4-16-02  Light brown and cream abbreviated buckskin.  GCH Jr AGS X1.

Kitty is the first Hawk daughter we’ve been able to retain and we’re so pleased!  The first photo was taken as a three month old.  Due to a recent move to Northern Idaho, we have not had Kitty in the show ring yet as a milker.  Second  photo is first freshening, six weeks after kidding.  Due to last summer’s barn improvement projects before snow fall, we just didn’t get a decent photo.  We will photograph again as soon as we can clip.   She’s a real head turner with a dairy elegance you don’t always see in Nigerians.  Kitty has a wonderfully smooth blending in her neck and shoulders and is very long bodied.  She stands on correct feet and legs with nice pasterns, but does toe out slightly in front, which seems to be a trade mark of Hawk kids.  She has a good length of rump and excellent topline.  She has a wide, high escutcheon area.  Good width and flatness of chest floor.  This doe represents the general appearance we’re looking for, i.e. that ‘big dairy goat elegance’  and she’ll definitely be a cornerstone of our breeding program.   She freshened with a nice medial, wonderful foreudder extension and well placed, milkable teats with open orifices.  Udder collapses very nicely.  Her latest son, White Squall, by Cajun Music, has been retained and has been used in the breeding pen this past spring.  She’s been exposed to Aries for summer kids and one doeling will be retained.


SIRE: PIDDLIN ACRES CAJUN MUSIC (MCH Twin Creeks BH Bay Watch * S ‘E’ X MCH Doe ‘C’ Doe ‘E’)  DAM:  MCH GOODWOOD ELISABET NEY 2*D (Gaymor’s RA Kingwood +*S X It’l Do’s Chalktah *D)

2-24-03  Gold & white

This doeling has turned out to be just as nice as we’d hoped she would!  We really wouldn’t change a thing about her now that she’s freshened for the first time.  Calypso has a beautiful topline, wonderful leg set up, good length in back and neck both, plus a nice depth and width to her body.  She has well sprung, open ribs and wonderful withers.  She’s currently milking 4 plus pounds on barn records only two weeks into her lactation, so we can’t wait to get her milk tested!  She’s got a beautiful, snug udder with excellent teat placement.  Collapsible, with nice sized, beautifully placed teats and open orifices.  Her dam, ELISABET, a full sister to Goodwood Water Lilly, has done very well in some tough showring competition for her owners at Lost Valley Nigerians.  Calypso kidded with a single doeling, who is spoken for.  One doeling reserved for her spring 2005 kidding and any other kids will be retained.  We haven’t decided who we’ll breed her to next.


SIRE:  ARMCH TWIN CREEKS LS LUCK OF THE DRAW +*S (HBF Luckey Strike +S ‘E’ X MCH/PGCH Raha Acres Twink’s Pixie *D ‘E’)  DAM: PROMISEDLAND BE-BOPPA-LULA (MCH Munchranch Dennis the Menace +S ‘E,E’ X MCH Gay-Mor’s RA Nightowl 2*D)

07-26-02  Gold/white broken chamoisee

Another exciting new addition for QSF, Belle is a beautiful doe with an exceptional pedigree for show and milk, which should blend very well with our current line breeding program.  Wow! She’s long and correct from what we can see under her winter coat, and her first freshening udder looks very promising.  We’ll get photos and extended pedigree up as soon as it’s warm enough to clip and evaluate her further at that time.   We will freshen her again this year and then we plan on freshening to coincide with her show ring debut in 2005.  She has been bred to White Squall and a doeling will be retained.  Belle’s nice little 2004 son by Aries has just been shipped to Southern California and hopefully he will be making his show ring debut for Sunrise Farms fairly soon!


SIRE:  LOST VALLEY TIBERIAN (Lost Pines Prince ‘VG’ X Hill Country’s Shatarr 2*D ‘VG’)  DAM:  HILL COUNTRY X-TERRA (Flat Rocks Maximum Return ‘E’ X Inavale Savannah)

08-25-02 Brown buckskin with white

This elegant doe is a recent addition and we’re really pleased with her.  She’s probably the most delicate looking little Nigerian doe we’ve ever owned, with an extemely long neck and body, chiseled head and a beautifully balanced conformation.  We’ll clip her when it’s warm enough and get some photos and an extended pedigree online.  Her solid pedigree should blend very well with our program.  She’s recently kidded for the first time with triplets by Aries and all three have her elegant, open conformation.  One of her doelings has been shipped to Southern California, to Sunrise Farm, and hopefully will be making her showring debut very soon.  Kia’s udder looks very correct and promising with properly placed, beautifully shaped and delineated teats.  We will probably freshen her once more this year and then breed her for a show ring debut in 2005.  We don’t think she’ll have any problem earning her milking star, plus she should have that eye catching elegance and balance we look for in our does for the show ring.  She is being exposed to White Squall for September kids.  Doeling and possibly a buckling will be retained from this nice combination of genetics.


SIRE:  PIDDLIN ACRES SPANISH GALLEON *S (MCH Twin Creeks BW Perfect Storm *S X Piddlin Acres Tex’s Pinata *D ‘VG’)  DAM:  QSF IMPRESSIVE TRINKET ( Artist’s Eye Dressed to Impress X Piddlin Acres Blaze a Trail)

08-15-02  Gold and white

This beautiful little doe looks exactly like her granddam, Blaze, although she has improvement in udder attachment and capacity, and also improvement conformation that we’ve not seen in this dam line before.   Every time we look into Starlight’s eyes, we see Blaze, it’s just amazing!  This little gal is living proof that your bucks are indeed more than 50% of your herd.  She’s very square, standing on correct feet and legs, with a beautiful width to her chest floor and a high, open escutcheon area.  First freshening udder is attached very well and teats are plumb and well delineated.  Beautifully snug medial.  Rear udder shows a nice open height and we expect her to fill it out with the second freshening.  Starlight has a nicely packed pedigree, including some excellent crosses back to Baywatch, one of our favorite sire lines.    She has been bred to Aries and a doeling will be retained.  Since she’s only a first freshener, she’ll be freshened this year and then again on time for the 2005 show schedule. 


SIRE: PROMISEDLAND LIVID’S LEGACY (Green Gate Golddigger X MCH/PGCH Willow Creek Livid ‘E’)  DAM:  PIDDLIN ACRES LIEBSHEN (MCH Goodwood Weisbaden ‘E’ X Woodhaven Farms Moon Dancer ‘E’)

09-17-02 Grey buckskin with black points, some white

This appealing little doe is showing us some strengths over her dam already and we have high hopes that she’ll come in with a nice udder attachment and medial like our other Legacy daughter.  Liliana has increased strengths over her dam in especially the rear legs, which look very correct in comparison.  She is about perfect as viewed from the rear, with a beautiful set to the legs and a high, open escutcheon area.  Hopefully she’ll retain her dam’s openness, depth of body and dairy character.  She definitely has her pliable dairy skin and hair coat.  We’ll get her clipped early this summer, evaluate her further at that time and get a photo and extended pedigree on line.  She is a very small doe, so has just recently been exposed to Aries.  Aries kids are so nice and we feel this would be an excellent blend, so we’ll keep Aries in the pen with her until we make sure she’s covered as she’s a bit older than we like to see our first fresheners.  Due to this fact, she’ll be kidded out a couple of times before she makes her show ring debut as a milker in 2005.  We have no doubt that Liliana will represent QSF very well in the show ring and milk pail, although due to her small size (which we do see in Legacy kids) she’s going to be a bit of a late bloomer!


SIRE: PROMISEDLAND LIVID’S LEGACY (Green Gate Golddigger X MCH/PGCH Willow Creek Livid ‘E’)  DAM:  PIDDLIN ACRES START A RUMOR (MCH Green Gate King Midas X Piddlin Acres Sly Inuendo)

 09-20-02  Black with some white

We’ve got Katie a little scrunched up in this dry photo and will try to get another one soon.  This tiny little black doe is the first Legacy daughter we’ve seen who’s freshened and we are just so pleased!  She has good size, nicely placed, very well delineated teats and a soft pliable udder with a nice over all attachment, definitely an improvement over her dam.  This certainly makes us glad that we had Legacy collected before he went to his new home!  We’d retained his semen here and had not listed it up for sale, so now we get to use it all ourselves (makes us feel a little selfish, but we did have good intentions as to the reason we hogged it all in the first place!)  Katie was nursing a singleton so her udder was a bit lop-sided, but when she filled up a little her medial ligament was just outstanding.  She has a beautiful black coat with pliable dairy skin.  Long neck and chiseled face.  Beautifully tight withers and well blended shoulders.  Good length of back, correct topline and good body capacity.  Nice feet and leg set up with plenty of room for a second freshening increase in rear udder capacity.   Her current doeling by Aries is probably our nicest junior doeling thus far this year, so Katie has definitely proven herself in the kidding pen.  We’ll freshen her again this year and then plan on uddering her up for the 2005 show schedule.  Planned breeding will be to White Squall and any doelings from this nice blend of pedigrees will be retained. 



SIRE:  KASTDEMUR’S TOP BRASS ++*B   (Brown Sugar’s Crown Ambassador ++*B X GCH Kastdemur’s Royal Diana 1*M)   DAM:  CREAM OF KANSAS BEARABLE (Oakledge Shebas Abel *B X Cream Of Kansas Bearisha)

11-28-96  Black/brown roan with white.  8th place Jr. Yearling 1997 ADGA National Show, 3xRGCH, 1xGCH ADGA

We’re just thrilled to  a doe with such outstanding bloodlines (the well known Cream of Kansas ‘Bear’ lines!), without sacrificing milkability.  Beargivings is a large powerhouse with a long smooth foreudder who can milk 16 lbs per day at her peak.  She has nice over all udder attachment and good teat delineation.  Milks down quickly and udder collapses easily.  At her advanced age, she’s down on her pasterns, but her kids are correct in theirs.  Beautiful depth and length of body on this doe, long rump and she’s very flat thurl to thurl.  Correct face and ears.  Tight withers with smoothly blended shoulders.  We’ll get photos up when we clip and add her spectacular five generation pedigree at that time.  Bear kidded 5-21 with a nice set of twins, buck and doe.  We are retaining both.  As usual, Bear’s udder is outstanding, with beautiful foreudder extension, excellent rear udder height and over all attachment is correct.  She’s currently milking over a gallon a day at 16 days fresh, definitely the center of our family milk supply!  Our prayers are that this fine doe will provide us with future babies to retain, as the genetics she carries would be very hard to replace.  We know of at least one son and one daughter in other herds who are doing exceptionally well in heavy ADGA competition and we expect her future kids will do just as nicely.  We are considering using AI late this fall to breed Bear to Smooth Operator and all doelings/one buckling will be retained from that outstanding cross.


SIRE: CH CREAM OF KANSAS’ SMOOTH SHOT AI (GCH Kismet Marvins Smooth Operator ++*B AI X CH Cream Of Kansas’ Brass Sienna)  DAM:  CREAM OF KANSAS’ SIMPLICITY (Crown Point AMC Topper *B X CH Cream of Kansas Brass Saphire)

01/08/98  Brown with black and tan highlights, frosted ears.  3rd place Houston Livestock Show 2001

Another beautifully bred nubian doe with the milkability we desire.  Nicely placed and delineated teats, beautiful rear udder height.  She could use a bit more foreudder extension (but then again if she weren’t in the same pen as Bear, her foreudder would probably look fine to us!)  Beautiful leg set up with nice width in the chest, wonderful hock angulation and very nice pasterns.  Flat boned.  Very long and deep bodied doe with a nice long rump.  Elegant, long neck with beautiful head and jaw line.  Excellent facial profile and length of ears.  We’ll get photos up this summer when it’s warm enough to clip and add her exceptional five generation pedigree.  Shona kidded with elegant twins, 1/1, on 5-17.  The doeling is being retained, the buckling is for sale.  Shona will probably be AI’d to *B Kastdemur’s Aesop (now owned by our friend, Mary at Cherry Hill Nubians in Virginia!) late this fall.  One buckling and all doelings resulting from this cross will be retained.