Click on photos to view pedigrees.  We’ll add new photos and five generation pedigrees as soon as it’s warm enough to body clip.



SIRE: ROSASHARN’S TL DON JUAN *S (Rosasharn’s Tiger L X ARMCH Rosasharn’s Guadalupe Moteada 3*D)  DAM:  TWIN CREEKS LS MISS BEHAVIN VG *D (HBF Luckey Strike E +S X Redbud Miss Muffet)

2-15-03  Gold and white.

This little doeling is long bodied, has a very feminine, lean neck with nice blending into the shoulders.  She has well sprung, open ribbing.  Nice length of rump with high, open escutcheon area.  Her teats look to be of good size and in proper placement and it looks like she has the potential for good udder attachment.  We’ll get a new photo up early this summer as last year’s photo just looks horrible doesn’t it?!  Bambii really has continued to develop nice length and depth of body, although she has remained down in her pasterns and she has apparently inherited her dam’s poor feet.  She has been bred to Aries for early fall kids and first doeling will be retained.


SIRE: PIDDLIN ACRES CAJUN MUSIC (MCH Twin Creeks BH Bay Watch * S ‘E’ X MCH Doe ‘C’ Doe ‘E’)  DAM:  MCH GOODWOOD ELISABET NEY 2*D (Gaymor’s RA Kingwood +*S X It’l Do’s Chalktah *D)

2-24-03  Gold & white

This is a nice little doeling who should blend well into our line breeding program.   Calypso has a beautiful topline, wonderful leg set up, good length in back and neck both and a nice depth and width to her body.  Really we couldn’t ask for a nicer little doeling with an excellent pedigree of some of our personal favorites to back up the conformation!  Her dam, ELISABET, a full sister to Goodwood Water Lilly, has done very well in some tough showring competition for her owners at Lost Valley Nigerians.  Watch for an updated photo as soon as we clip.  Calypso is uddering up and we’re guessing should be due within a month.  She’s bred to Aries.  Since she was pen bred we don’t have an exact due date unfortunately.  Two doelings are reserved and any other kids will be retained.


SIRE: MCH TWIN CREEKS BW PERFECT STORM *S (MCH Twin Creeks BH Bay Watch *S E X MCH Twin Creeks BH Mariri’s Zinnia 4*D E)   DAM: TUPENCE KALEIDOSCOPE (MCH Goodwood Mr. Moonlight X Inavale Kelsey)

7-4-03  Brown/black chamoisee with white

One of twins, this little doeling is just a spectacular Fourth of July gift to our family!  We’d take a barn full of Nigerians with the elegance and conformational correctness this little princess displays!  Photograph above was taken at four weeks of age.  She’s very level, wide, has a beautiful open escutcheon area, tight withers, long neck and  really nice hock angulation. She’s very close in conformation to her sire and has his beautifully chiseled head.  Jazzy has been bred to White Squall for fall kids.  All kids will be retained.  We will get an updated photo online as soon as we clip for summer and add her beautiful five generation pedigree at that time.


SIRE: PROMISEDLAND CP ARIES (MCH Caeser’s Villa Cowpoke +*S ‘E’ X Hayseed Farm’s LD Mayzee *D)  DAM: LOST VALLEY KIA (Lost Valley Tiberian X Hill Country X-Terra)

2-26-04 Brown and white spotted

Beautiful little doeling here who is a little wider perhaps than her dam, but shows Kia’s nice, open dairy character.  Very correct and promising, including that wonderfully high and open escutcheon area that Aries seems to provide in his kids, plus extremely tight withers and smoothly blended shoulders.  Watch for photograph and pedigree when it’s warm enough to clip!


SIRE: PROMISEDLAND CP ARIES (MCH Caeser’s Villa Cowpoke +*S ‘E’ X Hayseed Farm’s LD Mayzee *D)  DAM: PROMISEDLAND LD SOUTHERN BELLE (ARMCH Twin Creeks LS Luck Ofthe Draw +*S ‘E’ X Promisedland Be-Boppa-Lula 3*D)

3-17-03 Gold and white

This lovely yearling doe certainly has a pedigree packed with performance in both the show ring and milk pail.  With ARMCH TC Luck ofthe Draw in her bloodlines, we really couldn’t have asked for a nicer doeling to continue our line breeding program.  What a blessing!  She looks to be very correct under that winter coat, but we’ll clip her later this spring and evaluate her further.  We’ll add her extended pedigree along with her photo, although it’s unlikely anyone will need to examine it with the wonderful grandparents she has!  She’s been exposed to White Squall for fall kidding.  A doeling will be retained.


SIRE: PROMISEDLAND CP ARIES (MCH Caeser’s Villa Cowpoke +*S ‘E’ X Hayseed Farm’s LD Mayzee *D)  DAM:  QSF LL KATIE (Promisedland Livid’s Legacy X Piddlin Acres Start A Rumor)

2-26-04 Dark brown/black buckskin

This striking little singleton doeling is very correct and eye catching.  She’s shiny dark brown with black buckskin points, very long, level and deep bodied.  She’s got a wonderfully chiseled little head on her, which reminds us a bit of Jazzy.  She has the typical Aries correctness in width and leg set up, so we just couldn’t be more pleased!  The more we admire our Legacy babies and grandbabies, the more thankful we are that we had him collected before he went to his new home!  If this little beauty freshens with the beautiful udder her dam displays, she’ll be very competitive in the show ring as a milker.  We’ll clip her early this summer, get her photographed and add her extended pedigree. 


The following pedigree information is on our three new yearling Nubian does who will be home from Texas soon.   We’ll individually appraise each one and add information, photos and extended pedigrees once they’re home.  We’re very excited in that two of these does are granddaughters of our Bear, one is a daughter and one is a granddaughter of our Shona also.  This should lend very well to our line breeding program and keep our Nubian herd very consistent.  Special thanks to our friend, Dorinda Williams, D&M’s Royal Dairy Goats!


SIRE:  CREAM OF KANSAS’ SUAVE BEAR (Cream of Kansas’ EV Swave X Cream of Kansas’ Beargivings)  DAM:  D&M’S ROYAL APPLE BLOSSOM ( LLOV’s Captain’s Bullwinkle X Edge-Falls PM Poot)

4-2-03 Black, brown trim with white


SIRE:  CREAM OF KANSAS’ SUAVE BEAR (Cream of Kansas’ EV Swave X Cream of Kansas’ Beargivings)  DAM:  CH EDGE-FALLS PM POOT (Edge-Falls SZ Peacemaker X Edge-Falls Candy Apple)

4-2-03 Black, brown trim with white


SIRE:  CREAM OF KANSAS’ SHANE (Cream of Kansas’ EV Swave X Cream of Kansas’ SS Shona)  DAM:  CREAM OF KANSAS’ B BEARGIVINGS (++*B Kastdemur’s Top Brass X Cream of Kansas’ Bearable)

4-15-03 Cream


SIRE:  D&M’S ROYAL S BONK (Cream of Kansas’ B Beargivings X Cream of Kansas’ Shane)  DAM:  CREAM OF KANSAS’ BEARGIVINGS (++*B Kastdemur’s Top Brass X Cream of Kansas’ Bearable) 

5-21-04  Black with brown frosting, some white

Photo taken at ten days of age.  Hazel decided she just wasn’t going to pose for the camera, so we got a shot with Jessica holding her!  This shows the size of this daughter of Bear, who is towering (along with her brother) over other Nubian babies in the pen.  We’ll get an updated photo when it’s warm enough to clip mid to late June and add her extended pedigree at that time.  Hopefully this little gal will follow in her mother’s footsteps, doing well in both the show ring and in the milk pail.


SIRE:  D&M’S ROYAL S BONK (Cream of Kansas’ B Beargivings X Cream of Kansas’ Shane)  DAM:  CREAM OF KANSAS’ SS SHONA (CH Cream of Kansas’ Smooth Shot X Cream of Kansas’ Simplicity)

5-17-04  Brown with black and tan highlights, frosted ears

Photo taken at two weeks of age.  This elegant little Nubian doeling is the image of her dam, Shona, and we’re very pleased with her.  We’ll get her clipped as the weather permits and put up a new photo, along with her very nice extended pedigree.  She’s a wonderful combination of Cream of Kansas, Kastdemur and Smooth Operator genetics.  Hopefully she’ll freshen with her dam’s beautiful udder, as well as her nice milk supply.