About Nubians

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There are many sites on the internet that give a background of the Nubian breed, so we won’t go into that as we’ve done with the Nigerian Dwarf.

Most people question us about the differences in attitude and personality between Nigerian Dwarf, Nubian and Alpines.  To us, the Nubian is the ‘Cadillac’ of the dairy goat breeds!  Along with a higher percentage of butterfat, making for a wonderfully rich milk supply, our Nubians have the most easy going, loving temperaments of any goat breed we’ve raised.  They may push each other around, but they don’t get into the severe head butting battles that our Alpines do.  Our Nubian kids just aren’t as active or aggressive as our Alpine kids either, and therefore must be kept in separate pens (as we do with our does of the two breeds). 

We also find our Nubians have a better feed conversion ratio than our Alpines of the same size.  Unfortunately this leads to body fat on our does, which doesn’t lend itself to ‘dairy elegance’ nor ‘angularity’!